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Jan, 2023

Sponsorships Needed

sponorship letter.pdf

MVP Sponsorship - $250  

As a MVP Sponsor, your  company name will be advertised on the back of every jersey issued to  team.  The players will be wearing these jerseys during regular season  games and tournaments. Most of the kids enjoys wearing their jerseys  year round as well.    

Triple Crown Sponsorship - $300  

As a Triple Crown Sponsor, a  3x6 vinyl banner will be placed on our Tournament Field with your  company logo and it will be displayed in over 70 games played on that field.   Annual Banner Renewal Fee Only $250   

Home Run Sponsorship - $500  

A Home Run Sponsorship is a  combination of both the MVP and Triple Crown sponsorships.  It’s a great  way to maximize your company’s exposure and to show your support for  your Township’s youth baseball program!    We will give your company a shotout on Facebook and our website.  Renewal Fee $450

World Series Sponsorship - $1000  

As a World Series Sponsor,  you will get an individual field with either a 4’ by 8’ or 2’ x 10’  banner on the outfield fence’s backstop for all Little League spectators  to see for two years. Additionally, you will be sponsoring a team and  have your company name advertised on the back of every jersey issued to  the team for the current season.  A Donation of $50 can also be made for a specific Field, Team or Player  of your choice.  

Please call 903-934-0112 email [email protected] with any questions.

Local Sponsors